Saturday, April 27, 2013

Day 21

So, this is day 21, and what have I learned?

I've almost eliminated wheat, sugar, and sugar substitutes from my diet. The result is that I'm far less hungry, often eating about 1200 calories a day. I haven't beencounting calorie on a regular basis, but I took one day's calorie count and added 200 for snacks and things I don't know the count of, like my 1/2 cup of home-made yogurt I have in the morning with my 4 over-easy eggs, and the two mugs of coffee or tea with cream I have every morning before I switch to water.

I've been adding a few bodyweight execises to my day, in addition to my job, which requires lots of heavy lifting at times, and lots of moving around at a slow pace.

I've been getting lots of sleep, going to bed at the same time every night, and even on my days off, I wake up at nearly the same time in the morning.

After all this, I bounced around between 170lbs and 165lbs to arrive at 167lbs. In the middle of these 21 days, I had a period, but that didn't affect my weight much at all. I'm feeling slightly discouraged. Maybe I'm eating too little, but I'm not any hungrier than usual, on less food. There's a slight difference in how my clothes fit, but not enough to definitively point to and say, 'Yay, I've made a definitive change.'

Overall, I think my health has improved. My disposition is more optimistic, I sleep better, my skin is clearer. So, it was worth it to do this, I just have to continue and see what another 21 days does, while trying to eat a bit more of the good stuff.

Anyone else out there starting ut on your journeys? Sometimes, there's resistance, and we have to push on. My body is a bit resistant now, but If I keep going, and maintain healthy habits, I'm sure I'll see the changes I want.

Good luck, everyone!

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